Working to Get on the List

June 13th, 2017

Of course I did not really want to be in the situation that I have found myself in, but I am trying to do what I can to get the best resolution possible. I have known for thirty years about the genetic disease I have, which inevitably leads to chronic kidney disease. That is still in the future, but they say that there is not any reason you can not get on the transplant list before they put you on dialysis. Already they have operated on my arm to prepare for that. A dentist in Livermore is about to examine me for one of the things that I need to do. Of course that is due to the really scary thing when it comes to this stuff. There is always going to be the need to suppress your immune system when you put a transplanted organ in your body. Otherwise it is going to attack the new kidney and destroy it, because it is going to see it as a threat to it.

However when you suppress the immune system, that is going to make you vulnerable to every other kind of problem that a body can have. I heard a story about someone who got cancer and died within a week or so. You have to get your teeth fixed so that there is not going to be any sort of gingivitis or cavities. I do not think that would kill you, but if you had it and your immune system was not working fully, then you would be walking around with no teeth in your mouth. All sorts of things can go wrong and that is really scary, but if you know much about this stuff you do not really want to be on dialysis either if you can avoid it.


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