The Back is Really Hurting Me

November 9th, 2017

I have been trying to figure out how to choose a Camas chiropractor. The problem started a long time ago, when I was in college I played a lot of football and a lot of basketball, although for the most part I sat on the sidelines and the bench a lot as well. They gave me a scholarship to a small college with high academic standards, I was not a great athlete, but I could cut it in the classes and that was important. At any rate I was redshirted one year in each sport, that was something that the coaches did so as to gain an edge. If all of your players have an extra year to train and practice, that makes you better. Of course you need to be secure against being fired to do this sort of thing.

At any rate I started to get back injuries when I was a senior. They were not really bad enough to keep me off the court, and I would not have been eager to admit it if they had. By then I was one of the best players on a very bad football team and a starter on a decent basketball team. The coaches were the ones who told me to go see a chiropractor and he fixed it up. They tried to convince me that I should try acupuncture, but I never got comfortable with that idea. There was a guy near the campus, but I got a bad feeling around him and I just could not find the courage to let him stick me with those needles. Ever since then I have to go back to see a chiropractor once every year or two. The trouble is finding one that you think that you can really trust for the job.


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