Stress is Hard on the Body

November 1st, 2017

When I moved to Santa Barbara, I was really excited about starting over. I was recently divorced with a great job offer that happened at the exact right time. I was able to get a nice apartment, and it did not take me long before I developed some casual friendships into something much deeper. It was one of these friends who told me that I should see her Santa Barbara chiropractor because I was complaining of always feeling stressed out. I had to laugh because others back home had been telling me I needed to see a psychologist, but this was the first time that a chiropractor was suggested.

She had to laugh when I told her that, but she quickly explained why she felt a chiropractor would be good for the stress that I was experiencing. She explained that the actual treatment was not going to make the stress just up and disappear, which was what I had thought she meant. I knew that only time and distance would make the stress completely disappear, and I had one of those taken care of already. I just needed time to deal with all that had happened to get me to where I was in my life.

She further explained that stress wreaks havoc on a person’s body, and that is where chiropractic care can be invaluable. She told me that when she went through her own divorce, her body took it hard too because of all the build up tension that had no release. She started seeing a chiropractor, and the adjustments and manipulations that he did really made all the difference to her. She felt so much better that she still has these done several times a year just to keep her body in check. Seeing how she experienced such a positive change from this, I made myself an appointment too. I cannot wait to see if I have the same results, which she assures me I will!


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