Scoring Big with the Chiropractor

December 3rd, 2016

In the next week, I’ve got my last appointment with one of the Pleasanton chiropractors. I had to start seeing the chiropractor in the first place because of an unfortunate back injury. I was playing in baseball game with some members of my family and I hit the ball pretty far. I ran as quickly as I could around the bases, and at the moment when I touched home base, I slipped and fell backwards. I was glad that I scored, because the bases were loaded, and this hit won my team the game, but I was in intense pain and had to be carried to the car.

While in the car, my brother used his smartphone to look up a chiropractor in the area and used the map app to guide us to his office. He had to make an emergency appointment for me. My wife wanted to rush me to the emergency room, but I didn’t think I really needed to go there. Besides, I would have been waiting around in the emergency room for a while until the nurses and doctors get through treating the patients in worse shape than me. Not to mention the price of an emergency room visit would have been expensive, even with my health insurance.

The chiropractor was like a miracle worker to me. He used some techniques to make it so that I could stand again, but I was still feeling pain from the fall, so I had to take some medication and rest a while. The chiropractor told me to come back to him again each week for a month to monitor my progress. That month has gone by quickly, and soon I’ll be ready to play another game of baseball. Hopefully I haven’t become rusty in my period of rejuvenation, because I want to score again.


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