Putting Things off is Never a Good Idea

December 15th, 2016

Around 2pm, on a very snowy and icy day last week, I suddenly had the worst pain in my upper, left jaw. I had been putting off getting a tooth worked on for quite some time. by 4:30PM, the pain was so bad that taking a pain reliever didn’t even help me. That is when I got really scared. I called a Fremont dentist because I worried that I might find myself in an emergency room if I didn’t get some help quickly. I was really lucky that I got in because they were closingat 5PM. I was desperate, and they knew it.

It’s a bit amusing when I look back now because part of the reason that I had ignored getting the tooth looked at for such a long time is because I kept thinking that I could not afford it. But that caused the problem to grow worse, and the tooth had to be pulled. There was no saving it. It’s all my fault. Fixing it up front when I first realized that I had a cavity would have only cost me about $75.00. My incredibly wrong assumption about the price caused me to lose my tooth altogether. The nice thing is that the procedure as not painful at all.

After my visit with the dentist, I resolved to start doing something about all my little health issues. Time and time again, I have put things off until they get much worse. Then, I have to work even harder to fix the problem because of it. I won’t put things off anymore. I had been putting off seeing my primary care doctor due to some back problems that I have been going through for about a year. The problem has been getting worse little by little, but since I know that’s happening, I am going to put a stop to it immediately with a doctor visit.


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