My Mom is Such an Inspiration

November 15th, 2017

My mom is nearly 80 years old, but you would never know it to see her in action. She looks and acts at least 20 years younger, which is due in part to the genes that I also have. Most women in our family do look much younger than what they actually are, but that does not account for her acting much younger too. I know that is all because of a decision that she made a few years ago concerning Santa Rosa chiropractors. She had gone to a lecture at the senior center on health issues for seniors, and she learned just how valuable chiropractic care can be for someone her age.

The reason the chiropractor was even there is because a lot of senior citizens do not see a chiropractor unless they have been in an auto accident or they have fallen and gotten hurt. They were missing out on so many benefits though by not going when there was nothing wrong with them other than the typical aches and pains. My mom used to know a thing or two about that because she would get them herself. She still does, but the pain is so much more manageable because of her regular trips to the chiropractor.

She gets an adjustment on a fairly regular basis, and that helps her with so many things. Her range of motion is what has been affected the most, and it is what has her feeling my age rather than her own. She is able to do so many things again that she thought were no longer an option for her. She even goes golfing with my kids sometimes, which is something I don’t even do. She is such an inspiration, and she is also the reason why I am going to start seeing a chiropractor too!


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