It Was Hard to Stand at Church

February 26th, 2018

When I went to a new church last year, I felt so comfortable right from the start. Everyone was so welcoming, and I knew that I had found where I was meant to be. We would stand and praise the Lord through worship songs, but I could only stand for maybe three minutes before my back was hurting too much. I would have to sit down because I just could not take it. When a new friend there told me I should see a chiropractor in Phoenix about my back issues, I honestly did not know what to do.

I had never been to a chiropractor, and I was just not sure that one could help me. I guess I did not consider them true medical professionals, but I also knew that my new friend would not steer me wrong. She gave me the name of her chiropractor, and I made an appointment, even with the doubts that I had. Those doubts flew right out the window after just a few visits though. I could barely make it through a worship song before going, without having to sit down at least at the end.

After just three visits, I was standing for two songs, and then three. By the end of my third week of adjustments, I did not need to sit down at all in the middle of worship. What really helped me was the chiropractor telling me what to do at home in between my appointments. Instead of waiting two or three days until I would see him again, he told me the exercises I needed to do at home along with treatment options should I start hurting. I followed his plan, and it worked. I am now a believer of chiropractic care because seeing and feeling is definitely believing when it comes to back pain.


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