I Needed Help Because What I Was Going Through Left Me Helpless

December 12th, 2016

Just recently, I found myself wasting time for two whole days in bed because I could not get out of the bed without experiencing severe pain. It was frustrating because I had promised my children that I would spend the weekend doing a lot of things that they wanted to do, but I couldn’t. When Monday and Tuesday passed, and I still couldn’t get out of bed, I went to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA because I was worried. My kids mean a lot to me and my health does, too. I was concerned about what was going and why the pain was lasting so long.

When it came time for my appointment on Wednesday morning, my wife had to help me get out of bed. It was just too painful to do it on my own. I had spent about 18 very frustrating minutes trying to manuever myself off the bed in a variety of different ways. Each time that I would make a little bit of headway, I would end up falling back again when I quickly found myself needing to move to a new position because of the sharp jabs I was feeling in my lower back. It felt so degrading. Here I was, a 38-year-old man who couldn’t even get up and stand on his own two feet. I meekly called out to my wife to come and help me. She was pretty good about it, but then she giggled and told me that I looked like an old man.

I had to be driven to my appointment because there was no possible way for me to do it on my own. My time with the chiropractor was pretty nice because he asked me a lot of questions, and then he pointed out that the long hours I was putting in at work every day was keeping me from strenghening my muscles. He taught me how to counteract that, and my troubles have gone away.


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