I Have Been Working After School

November 30th, 2016

Of course this is all just temporary, but I have been doing some work after school for a Santa Rosa chiropractor who owns a piece of land about half a mile from where I live. My uncle has known him for years, he has a bad back from when he used to drive race cars on dirt tracks and he has to see a chiropractor regularly to get adjustments. At any rate he is getting this piece of land cleared and my uncle told him that I could do right much of it. Obviously I am not going to be cutting down any huge trees, but there really is not much of that here. It used to be farmland and has been sitting idle for about five years, before that it was all pastures and farm fields. So what is on there is stuff that has grown up over that relatively short period of time.

The problem is that you can not really set fires to get rid of the brush, not in the middle of a drought. That would be pretty silly and I am certainly not going to do it. I rented a wood chipper for him and that is how we got rid of most of it. This just turns the wood into mulch and I have this huge pile. In fact he took some string and stakes to outline where he was going to have a vegetable garden and then I spread the mulch out over this. He hired a man with a tractor to turn it over and also plow up the land where he is going to put in the house. I guess that the job is just about over, but I may be able to pick up some more work when they start building the house.


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