I Had Lower Back Pain

September 23rd, 2016

I was not really sure what to do about the pain in my lower back. I had been to my regular doctor who told me to just apply heat after his tests showed nothing wrong. He knew that I was actually feeling pain, but there was nothing he could see that would be the cause of it. I was frustrated, but I also understood that there was nothing else he could do for me. I decided that he was not my only option though. That is why I started looking to find a chiropractor in Redding.

Since it was pain in my back, I figured that I should go to a doctor who has studied that part of the anatomy extensively. I asked my doctor what he thought about that, and he told me that I had his blessings to get a second opinion. I am so glad I did this because the chiropractor that I went to was able to really help me with the pain that I was having. On my first initial visit, I was given a complete physical examination, and the chiropractor also ran some imaging tests, which was exactly what was needed to diagnose what my problem was.

It ended up being a misaligned spine. I had to have several adjustments those first two weeks, but then I was able to cut down to once a week. I was also given stretching exercises to do while I was home, and I made sure I did each one. I followed instructions, and I went for my adjustments as they were scheduled. Doing that was what I needed because I no longer felt any of the back pain that I had been experiencing. I think it has even convinced my doctor to refer more patients to chiropractors for issues like I had.


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