I Felt Better After Just One Visit

January 18th, 2017

I was very resistant at first about seeing a chiropractor in San Francisco. I did have back pain, but just about everyone in my family has had back pain. I just did not want to waste my time going to a doctor who would twist my back and pronounce me healed. I am so glad that others are more stubborn than me, mainly meaning my wife and our two teen daughters. They were all so tired of seeing me hurting all of the time, so I know that their persistence was done out of love.

That is the reason I finally agreed too. It was not because I believed it would help me, but because I knew it would make my daughters and my wife feel better. The joke was on me though, because I did feel better, just after that first visit. I really liked that the chiropractor listened to what I had to say, and then he included me in on the dialogue on how to move forward. I also gave him the same courtesy, and I finally began to realize how a chiropractor can help a person who is hurting in so many different areas.

He did give me my first adjustment then, and it felt like a dam had been released inside of me. I could feel the pain just melting away, but he told me that was just the beginning. I had to go back just a few days later, and something remarkable happened. I felt even better than I did after my first adjustment. I am now a believer, and I have no problem telling anyone that my wife and daughters were right. If more people went to a chiropractor, I really do believe that there would be a lot less pain in this world.


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