Getting Help for Chronic Pain Without Medications

September 23rd, 2016

I wanted to try whatever I could to manage some chronic pain that I was having. That is, anything except taking the prescription pain pills my doctor kept offering me. I kept refusing them. I explained how I do not want to be groggy or sleepy, and I do not want to get hooked on anything. He said the groggy feeling I would adapt to, but there would be side effects that are possible such as constipation and addiction. No way did I want side effects. I decided to try a Chicago acupuncture specialist. I figure if it is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around longer than allopathic medicine, then why not give it a look. It would not be a problem to at least investigate the practice, practitioner, methods and results.

All I knew is that the pain in my back was not going away. They kind of expect back pain to resolve back to at least a minimum in a few weeks if you do not have any evidence of damage or other disease processes going on. I did not have arthritis, but I did have a lot of loss of muscle mass from a significant weight loss. I should have exercised when I cut back on eating. That way I could have kept the muscle I had. Your body will eat away at muscle to hang onto fat stores for lean times.

It was suspected that the loss of muscle had made my back weaker than it was. The corresponding weakness then contributed to me having chronic pain from just using my back at work and at play. I did not want to be the guy in his 50s who was like an old grandpa in his 80s, but that is how I felt sometimes. I have seen guys in their 70s doing better than me. I was looking for help from the Chicago acupuncture specialist to help me deal with this pain without medications.


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