Frozen Shoulder Complications Are Painful

December 2nd, 2016

When I did a search for Pleasanton chiropractors, I was surprised that there were so many of them. I guess they are just like any other medical professional though, since there are all kinds of doctors and dentists around as well. I wanted to find one that was not too far from me, because I had heard some good things about what they can do for chronic pain issues. I am a diabetic, and I suffered with frozen shoulder not just on one shoulder but both! That was a painful and very frustrating few years, and I found out later that I could have made it go a lot smoother if I had gone to see a chiropractor when it was happening.

I was still having some problems with it, and I decided that even though the bulk of the frozen shoulder had dissipated, a chiropractor could probably still help me a lot with it. I made an appointment with one that I found online, and I was actually excited about going there. Anyone who has suffered with frozen shoulder can definitely understand that. Anyone who has never suffered with it just cannot understand the pain and frustration that is involved in not being able to use your shoulders properly.

The chiropractor that I went to had extensive knowledge of frozen shoulder, which made our initial conversation so much easier. A lot of people have never heard of it! He did some testing which consisted of a physical as well as imaging. He also wanted to see what my range of motion was, as that is the biggest indicator of how far along the frozen shoulder has progressed. At that point, I had more motion than I did when I went through the worst of it, but it was still painful. He developed a personalized treatment plan for me, and I can actually move a lot better after just a few weeks!


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