Doing What I Wanted to in Life Again Came About with Some Help

December 21st, 2016

Becoming a senior citizen had become fully frustrating for me. I never imagined that I would be so sore all the time, and I also felt that my constant fatigue was occurring because I was always so sore. I really wondered why some people say that people feel so wonderful and at peace during these older years because I certainly wasn’t feeling it. Some members of my golf club told me to see a chiropractor in Fort Myers FL so that I could change all that. I was tired of the fatigue and soreness, so I decided I would go ahead and try that. I wanted to get back to doing fun things that other people my age were doing with very little trouble.

One of the things that I had come to enjoy during my retirement is playing golf. It’s something that I had always ignored, and I did not know anyone that played it. This is probably because I lived in Montana where most people are battle snow every year and participating in sports that occur in cold weather like skiing, skating and ice hockey. So, moving to Florida was really different for me. Soon after I moved here, someone invited me to go play golf. I went, but was sure that I would not find it enjoyable, but instead I found it to be very addicting. Even better, I was actually good at it! I looked forward to golf outings every week.

Getting to do the things that I like to do here in my new state with my new friends sort of came to a halt as soon as I began feeling so much pain all the time. I knew that my friends felt good, so I decided to follow up with their advice on seeing a chiropractor. He has really done a good job at helping me to continue with golfing without any troubles again.


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