I Felt Better After Just One Visit

January 18th, 2017

I was very resistant at first about seeing a chiropractor in San Francisco. I did have back pain, but just about everyone in my family has had back pain. I just did not want to waste my time going to a doctor who would twist my back and pronounce me healed. I am so glad that others are more stubborn than me, mainly meaning my wife and our two teen daughters. They were all so tired of seeing me hurting all of the time, so I know that their persistence was done out of love.

That is the reason I finally agreed too. It was not because I believed it would help me, but because I knew it would make my daughters and my wife feel better. Continue reading »


Trying out My Philadelphia Chiropractor to Avoid Going Under the Knife

January 7th, 2017

I have never strained my back or fallen and twisted anything. I never have even broken a bone. The worst thing I have had happen was a few skinned knees as a kid and a couple of sprained ankles. I have signed other people’s casts, but I am happy to have never needed one. I could not explain why I suddenly needed to see a Philadelphia chiropractor when I reached my 40s. My doctor did the imaging starting with x-rays that showed nothing that should be causing my back pain. When it got worse, I had to have a CT scan. There was some early indications of some slight discogenic disease, but not anything to any degree that would explain my discomfort. A later MRI revealed some areas that might be beginning to cause some nerve impingement.

There was no way I was having surgery after talking to the surgeon and asking for facts. Positive results of back surgery are not guaranteed, and the actual results for what I was looking for seemed to widely vary. Continue reading »


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