Doing What I Wanted to in Life Again Came About with Some Help

December 21st, 2016

Becoming a senior citizen had become fully frustrating for me. I never imagined that I would be so sore all the time, and I also felt that my constant fatigue was occurring because I was always so sore. I really wondered why some people say that people feel so wonderful and at peace during these older years because I certainly wasn’t feeling it. Some members of my golf club told me to see a chiropractor in Fort Myers FL so that I could change all that. I was tired of the fatigue and soreness, so I decided I would go ahead and try that. I wanted to get back to doing fun things that other people my age were doing with very little trouble.

One of the things that I had come to enjoy during my retirement is playing golf. Continue reading »


Putting Things off is Never a Good Idea

December 15th, 2016

Around 2pm, on a very snowy and icy day last week, I suddenly had the worst pain in my upper, left jaw. I had been putting off getting a tooth worked on for quite some time. by 4:30PM, the pain was so bad that taking a pain reliever didn’t even help me. That is when I got really scared. I called a Fremont dentist because I worried that I might find myself in an emergency room if I didn’t get some help quickly. I was really lucky that I got in because they were closingat 5PM. I was desperate, and they knew it.

It’s a bit amusing when I look back now because part of the reason that I had ignored getting the tooth looked at for such a long time is because I kept thinking that I could not afford it. But that caused the problem to grow worse, and the tooth had to be pulled. There was no saving it. It’s all my fault. Fixing it up front when I first realized that I had a cavity would have only cost me about $75.00. My incredibly wrong assumption about the price caused me to lose my tooth altogether. Continue reading »


I Needed Help Because What I Was Going Through Left Me Helpless

December 12th, 2016

Just recently, I found myself wasting time for two whole days in bed because I could not get out of the bed without experiencing severe pain. It was frustrating because I had promised my children that I would spend the weekend doing a lot of things that they wanted to do, but I couldn’t. When Monday and Tuesday passed, and I still couldn’t get out of bed, I went to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA because I was worried. My kids mean a lot to me and my health does, too. I was concerned about what was going and why the pain was lasting so long.

When it came time for my appointment on Wednesday morning, my wife had to help me get out of bed. It was just too painful to do it on my own. Continue reading »


How Do You Pick a Good Chiropractor?

December 10th, 2016

Of course when you need a doctor you pretty much just go to the nearest doctor’s office, because you can mostly assume that the people who survive the process are going to be good enough at this job. Obvious they have to survive four years of pre med studies and three years of medical school. Then there is residency and something else I do not remember. There is the AMS to de certify the ones who really mess up as well. However if you need a good chiropractor in Phoenix AZ then there really is not any good way for you to know if he is really good at this or not, at least there is not any way that I can figure out. Continue reading »


A Chiropractor Helped Me with Pregnancy Issues

December 10th, 2016

I was so blissfully happy when my doctor told me that I was pregnant. I had suspected it, but I did not allow myself to get excited until it was made official by my doctor. The first few months went by so quickly and without any incidents. That is why I was so surprised at the level of pain that I felt in my second trimester. I went from being blissfully happy to being in pain just about every day. That is when my neighbor told me I should see a chiropractor in San Francisco.

I had no idea why I would do that, but she went on to explain. She said that a lot of pregnant women experience pain in their second and third trimesters. She told me to imagine my body before I became pregnant, which was at least 30 pounds ago. With the pregnancy, my entire body was changing, from the structure to the hormones I was producing. It was bound to cause some chaos, and a chiropractor is the perfect doctor to help with those issues. Continue reading »


Scoring Big with the Chiropractor

December 3rd, 2016

In the next week, I’ve got my last appointment with one of the Pleasanton chiropractors. I had to start seeing the chiropractor in the first place because of an unfortunate back injury. I was playing in baseball game with some members of my family and I hit the ball pretty far. I ran as quickly as I could around the bases, and at the moment when I touched home base, I slipped and fell backwards. I was glad that I scored, because the bases were loaded, and this hit won my team the game, but I was in intense pain and had to be carried to the car.

While in the car, my brother used his smartphone to look up a chiropractor in the area and used the map app to guide us to his office. He had to make an emergency appointment for me. My wife wanted to rush me to the emergency room, but I didn’t think I really needed to go there. Besides, I would have been waiting around in the emergency room for a while until the nurses and doctors get through treating the patients in worse shape than me. Not to mention the price of an emergency room visit would have been expensive, even with my health insurance.

The chiropractor was like a miracle worker to me. He used some techniques to make it so that I could stand again, but I was still feeling pain from the fall, so I had to take some medication and rest a while. The chiropractor told me to come back to him again each week for a month to monitor my progress. That month has gone by quickly, and soon I’ll be ready to play another game of baseball. Hopefully I haven’t become rusty in my period of rejuvenation, because I want to score again.


Frozen Shoulder Complications Are Painful

December 2nd, 2016

When I did a search for Pleasanton chiropractors, I was surprised that there were so many of them. I guess they are just like any other medical professional though, since there are all kinds of doctors and dentists around as well. I wanted to find one that was not too far from me, because I had heard some good things about what they can do for chronic pain issues. I am a diabetic, and I suffered with frozen shoulder not just on one shoulder but both! That was a painful and very frustrating few years, and I found out later that I could have made it go a lot smoother if I had gone to see a chiropractor when it was happening.

I was still having some problems with it, and I decided that even though the bulk of the frozen shoulder had dissipated, a chiropractor could probably still help me a lot with it. I made an appointment with one that I found online, and I was actually excited about going there. Anyone who has suffered with frozen shoulder can definitely understand that. Continue reading »


A Chiropractor Makes Me Feel Good

December 1st, 2016

I started having muscle spasms a few months ago. I have heard of them, obviously, but I had never experienced one before then. I can’t say that they were extremely painful, but they were bothersome. I decided to read up on them to see what I could do to stop them from happening in the first place. I was able to read a lot about them from the website for a chiropractor in Vancouver WA, and I knew that I needed to make an appointment with them to get some help. While they were not the kind that knocked me off my feet, they were happening often enough to be burdensome.

These usually happen after a person has been injured in some way, but I could not recall even a stumble in the past several months. I do play a lot of basketball with my kids though, and I golf at least once a week. I knew that it was possible that something had happened that I perhaps just brushed off, and then I started paying the price later. Continue reading »


Pain from Tripping Can Be Hard to Bear

December 1st, 2016

I was injured at the gym. Some people would have no problem admitting that, as it would indicate that they were really trying hard to reach their goals. For me though, it was just a source of embarrassment. I really didn’t enjoy telling anyone that I had to see a chiropractor in Sacramento because I tripped over a treadmill and hurt my back. I tried to give it time, but the pain seemed to just either stay the same or get worse. I knew I needed to see a professional about it, but I did not want to go to my regular doctor.

I knew that she would probably just give me some pain pills for it. Continue reading »


Campbell Area Chiropractors with Most Experience

December 1st, 2016

I am currently on vacation, and it is not turning out as well as I thought it would. Mostly because I am going to have to go see a chiropractor as soon as possible, and hopefully they can relieve some of this pain, so that maybe, just maybe I can try to enjoy at least part of my vacation. So I am looking to find a Campbell chiropractor that really has a lot of experience as my back is not like most peoples’ backs, or at least that is what I have been told, and I think to properly treat it, you need a good bit of experience. Continue reading »


A Car Wreck Left Me in Pain

December 1st, 2016

I am the type of person who takes my health seriously. I get regular checkups at my doctor, and I see my dentist every six months for a cleaning. I take vitamins every morning, and I maintain a healthy weight. Doing all of this still did not prevent me from having to find a chiropractor in Sacramento not that long ago though. I was in a car accident, and the pain that I felt afterwards was pretty intense. My doctor offered to give me pain meds for it, but I did not want to go down that road.

I knew that there was a reason that I was hurting as much as I was, and I wanted to figure out the root of it rather than just mask it with some prescription pills. Continue reading »


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