I Finally Have Thick Eyelashes

July 7th, 2016

I thought that I was stuck with the thin eyelashes that I was born with. They are almost brittle seeming, but they were not quite that bad, just almost! Anyway, I thought that I was just stuck with them, because what can really be done for an eyelash? More than I thought possible, actually! When I heard about a Wimpernserum website on a beauty forum that I go to now and again, I was really surprised because rarely do eyelashes come up in beauty talk. It just seems most women are blessed with nice and thick eyelashes.

It seems that there are more women who are afflicted with thin and brittle eyelashes than I realized though. I went to the eyelash serum site, and I was really impressed with how much research had been put into the site. There was a great deal of general information about eyelash serums, but there was detailed information about top brands as well. Continue reading »


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