Considering Traditional Chinese Medicine for Singapore Residents

December 28th, 2017

I am an expatriate and I have been living in Asia for the past two years. Since I have been here, the idea of only considering Western medicine when I am not feeling well has seemed a bit absurd. I am currently experiencing some issues with dizziness and nauseous and I believe trying traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore patients would be a great idea. The problem is finding a doctor that will ignore the fact that I am not medically trained and help me with this.

There is a doctor many of my fellow expatriates and I have seen since we have been here. He is very good at what he does, but at the same time, he scoffs at things that are different from what he learned in medical school. This is why I am trying to find someone else. I know this will be a bit tricky since I am not very familiar with any of the other medical facilities here, but it is certainly worth a shot.

A few of the people I have worked with since I have been here may know more about this, but I am afraid of saying something that will offend them. Imagine that. An American assuming that all of the Asians here have the inside scoop on traditional Chinese medicine. I suppose I am probably better off doing some Internet research. The last thing I want to do is burn any bridges.

Hopefully, I find someone to help me out soon. These symptoms are taking a toll on me and I would rather not take any prescription pharmaceuticals at this time. I have too much on my plate than to be considered with a ton of side effects. From what I have been told, Chinese medicine does not have as many drawbacks, which is why this is preferable for me.


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