A Ride on a Horse Sidelined Me with Back Pain for Months

July 26th, 2017

A very rough horseback ride in my fifties helped aggravate an old back injury that has been keeping its head down for a long time. The day after my first ride on top of a horse in a number of years came with quite a bit of lower back pain. I was used to doing what I wanted to do, but I ended up having to favor my back with each step and when getting up and down now. It was embarrassing for me to be seen getting in and out of my car. My chiropractor in Tracy helped me get my rhythm back.

We went over a full treatment plan that included diet, exercise, losing just a few pounds and more. I was so used to sedentary living and did not know my back had gotten so weak. I really needed to get moving again, and my chiropractor in Tracy helped me do just that. I had regular massage and heat therapy followed by electrical stim that helped me a lot. The actual back massages where a deep muscle massage was given was the best help.

I had no idea that my back had gotten so weak. After three or four hours bouncing on a horse I became fully aware of my weak back. It was common for me to get that inner thigh muscular discomfort from the bow-legged feeling of riding a saddle horse, but I was not expecting the sidelining lower back pain that I ended up with.

I don’t know if I pulled something or knocked my spinal alignment severely out of whack, but I do know that the adjustments brought a tremendous amount of relief. I needed those to get me through and to help with the healing phase. Overall it took about four or five months to rehab from one horseback ride because my back was so weak to begin with.


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