A New Purpose in Life

December 30th, 2017

My life changed after seeing a Cumming chiropractor for a back injury. I fell during a rock climbing session and had to rest while I healed. I’m the kind of person who is always on the go, so having to slow down and do nothing was a huge problem for me. In my spare time, I did various things to fill the void left by climbing. I bought some plants from a local nursery and started growing them. Over time, the plants started to become like my children. I would check on them, water them, and even talk to them, as if they could talk back to me.

As the plants grew, I began to become more enthralled with growing plants, and decided that I wanted to move up to something a little more challenging than the little house plants. I thought it would be pretty cool to have my own fruit tree that would give me something delicious to eat. I thought about which fruit trees would give me the quickest crop, and I went with a fig tree. I’ve eaten figs in preserve form, and they’re quite tasty, so the idea of having my own preserves went through my head.

While I attended to the plants, I thought less about my back and more about them. Once my back was fully healed, I spent less time at the climbing wall and more time with my plants. Day in and day out I couldn’t wait to see how my plants had been doing, and one day it finally happened. The first fruits came on my fig tree. I watched them grow bigger until they were big enough to pull off and eat. They were the sweetest that I had ever tasted because I had grown them on my own. I bought a set of mason jars and made my own preserves with them.


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